Calculate Your Time Tailor Profitability and ROI

You can calculate the incremental revenue generated from the use of the Time Tailor by using the Input section below and generating the TT Profitability and ROI Report.

In the Input section below:
  1. Enter the number of additional :30 ad spots created each hour and the number of daily hours of programming that have been time reduced using the Time Tailor.
  2. Enter the value of each additional TT ad spot based on the different ad rates in each daypart (Primetime, Daytime and ROS).
  3. Enter the number of incremental spots sold in each daypart as a percentage of the total number of incremental spots.
  4. Enter the monthly cost of the TT License.
  5. Next, click the TT Profitably and ROI Report. It includes:
    • Your inputs
    • Incremental ad inventory per month
    • Incremental monthly/annual TT ad revenue by daypart
    • Incremental monthly/annual cashflow and ROI
    • Sellout % needed to breakeven monthly by daypart

Incremental Ad inventory (# of :30 Spots)

# of incremental :30 spots per hour from TT:

Revenue Per Incremental TT Spot


% of Daily TT Ads


Input Your Monthly TT License Fee