The Time Tailor is a unique, proprietary, patented technology for time reducing HD or SD video program content. The time reduction process occurs in real-time without pre-recording, pre-processing, video compression, or compromising the integrity of the video, audio or closed captioning of the program content.

The Time Tailor is licensed.

  • The License is similar to that of other leading technology companies.
  • The Company offers a number of license term options to meet the specific needs of each customer.
    The standard license term is 5 years.

  • The license is renewable at the option of the customer pursuant to the terms of the Time Tailor License Agreement.
  • At the end of the license term, if the license is not renewed, the customer returns the Time Tailor to the Company at the address indicated in the License Agreement.

The customer benefits of a Time Tailor License include:

  • No large upfront purchase.
  • No annual service or warranty fees.
  • Ongoing tech support at no additional charge
  • Replacement of the Time Tailor, if necessary
  • Model updates at no additional charge
  • Converts "cap ex" to "op ex"
  • Increased ROI and lower breakeven due to lower upfront investment.


New Model Coverage:

  • Early adoption of new technology (nulti-media files)
  • Direct path to upgrade.
  • Contribute to roadmap features
  • Leverage existing license model
  • Nominal incremental fee