1. Who manufactures the Time Tailor and where is the Company located?

  • Prime Image manufactures the Time Tailor (“TT”)
  • The Company is located in Silicon Valley (Milpitas, CA).
  • The Time Tailor is manufactured in the United States.
  • Prime Image has been in the business since 1985.


2. What market segments does Prime Image serve?

  • Video broadcast and video broadband companies are the target TT customers.
  • Prime Image has a blue chip list of domestic and international broadcast TT customers.
  • TT broadcast customers are the leading companies in the following industries:
    –Broadcast Networks
    –TV Station Groups
    –Movie Studios
    –Cable Networks
    –Post Production Houses


3. What is the Time Tailor?

  • The Time Tailor is unique, proprietary, patented technology used for frame accurate time reduction of video program content.
  • TT is included in a fully automated system for video broadcast, cable, broadband, content providers and post production houses for editing program and segment times.
  • TT creates up to 5 minutes per hour of additional commercial ad spots.
  • TT is a solid state digital processor in a 5U rack-mountable chassis.
  • TT deletes unwanted frames automatically and undetectably in real time without pre-recording, video compression or compromising the integrity of the program.
  • TT maintains the original creative integrity of the video and audio.
  • TT optimizes SD and HD content.
  • TT maintains SD/HD closed caption information.
  • TT supports multiple formats (1080i, 720p, NTSC, PAL).

4. What are the differences between Time Tailor's time reduction process and ordinary methods of time compression?

  • The Time Tailor  is the only method that works in real-time on live broadcasts and  sporting events.
  • Ordinary methods of time compression often involve speeding up the  playback of a pre-recorded program. This can result in noticeable  artifacts such as motion judder, vertical detail shifting, audio pitch  change, distorted "warbled" audio, and corruption of closed  captions.
  • TT's unique,  patented time reduction process uses "intelligent mico-editing" to delete  video frames, audio segments (a fraction of a syllable), and caption  data, in a way that is virtually undetectable to viewers. This process maintains the  synchronization of the audio, video, and captions, and more importantly  preserves the original creative intent of the  program.

5. What are the benefits of TT time reduction?

  • TT time reduction creates additional broadcast and broadband revenue opportunities.
  • The run time of broadcast programs is reduced creating additional ad spots each hour.
  • The file size of the broadband program content is reduced lowering streaming costs.


6. Does the Time Tailor time reduce advertising spots?

  • No. The TT is part of an automated system that allows the customer to control the time reduction of specific program segments while leaving other segments, including advertising spots, unchanged.

7. What are the key features of the Time Tailor TT 3500?

  • The TT 3500 replaces the TT1000 and TT3000.
  • The TT 3500 is primarily used for video time reduction in the broadcast industry.

8. What are the customer benefits of a TT license?

  • There is no large up front purchase.
  • There are no new purchases required.
  • There are no annual service or warranty fees.
  • Prime Image owns the TT unit and provides ongoing tech support at no additional charge and replacement of the TT unit, as necessary, to provide operational service continuity.'
  • Future model updates are provided at no additional charge.
  • It increases ROI and lowers the breakeven due to a lower upfront investment.


9. What do I do if the TT unit does not work properly?

  • You can contact tech support directly by calling the customer service number under the Contact tab on the navigation bar at the top of each page on this website. Tech support is provided at no additional charge. They will work with you on the phone to remedy the problem or they will send you a replacement unit if necessary.


10. How do I calculate the financial benefits of the TT?

  • You can use the Time Tailor ROI Calculator located under the Products and Solutions tab on the navigation bar on at the top of each page on this website to calculate incremental revenue, cash flow, ROI and sellout ratio.


11. Under a License Agreement who owns the TT unit?

  • Prime Image owns the TT unit.
  • The customer licenses the TT pursuant to the License Agreement.

12. How long is the TT license term?

  • The Company offers a number of license term options to meet the specific needs of each customer.
  • The standard license term is 5 years.
  • The license term is renewable at the option of the customer pursuant to the terms of the License Agreement.


13. What does the customer do with the TT unit at the end of the license term?

  • At the end of the license term, if the license is not renewed, the customer returns the TT unit to Prime Image at the address indicated in the License Agreement.


14. How is the Time Tailor activated and deactivated?

  • Upon the signing  of the License Agreement, the customer will be provided with a security code  to activate the Time Tailor for the term of the License Agreement.  
  • The Time Tailor  will automatically deactivate at the expiration of the license term.

15. How does the customer renew the License Agreement to insure the continuity of service?

  • Prime Image will notify the customer six months prior to the expiration of the TT license term..
  • The TT license will be renewed 90 days prior to the expiration of the TT license term.
  • Upon the signing of the renewal agreement, the customer will be provided with a new activation security code covering the term of the renewal agreement.